Get switched on about clickjacking

Copying & Cheating

Get switched on about copying and cheating


Get switched on about cyberbullying


Get switched on about cyberstalking


Get switched on about gaming

If Your Child is Aged 10 to 12

The new online generation

If Your Child is Aged 13 or Over

It's never too late to make sure they're safe

If Your Child is Aged 6 to 9

The age of online curiosity

If Your Child is Aged Under 5

It's never too early to think about your child's online safety

Is Your Child Using These Apps?

Information on some of the apps and sites your child might be using.

Music, Movies & File Sharing

Get switched on about music, movies and file sharing

Online Radicalisation

Extremists make widespread use of the internet to spread their ideologies and radicalise young people.

Parental Control Software

Monitor and control your child's online activity

Paying for Games, Apps & Downloads

It is very attractive for children to download on their or your mobile device, but it can also be very expensive.

Privacy & Identity Theft

Get switched on about privacy and identity theft

Safe Browsing

Get switched on about safe browsing

Social Media Phishing

Clicking on links in unsolicited social media posts can spell danger.

Texting & Sexting

Get switched on about Texting and Sexting

The Best Approach

Start and carry on talking to your child about online safety

Video Game Gambling

Safeguard your children against illegal gambling on video game outcomes

Viruses & Other Malware

Get switched on about viruses, spyware and other malware

Young People & Cyber Criminality

Is your child making the wrong cyber choices?

Your Child and Adult Content

Addressing what happens when children have viewed pornography online

Your Child and Social Networking

Get switched on about social networking