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Online Gender-Based Violence

The internet has transformed our ability to obtain information, communicate with others, express our views, share our experiences and engage in conversations about any topic of our choice. Technology has made it possible to reach vast audiences at once, or just individuals or small groups. In turn, this accessibility and freedom of expression play a […]

Pyramid Schemes

A pyramid scheme is a type of scam that promises the victim a fast and substantial return on an investment of money which is paid to the person ‘above’ them in the pyramid. The victim is also required to recruit a number of people to be ‘beneath’ them in the pyramid, in turn collecting their […]

COVID-19 Vaccination Misinformation, Disinformation & Fake News

COVID-19 vaccinations have been administered to billions of people around the world, with numbers increasing daily. In countries where vaccinations have been rolled out successfully, there are fewer infections, hospitalisations and deaths, and those who have been double-jabbed but caught the virus tend to suffer fewer life-changing effects. In general, in countries without vaccination programmes, […]

Safe Remittances

As a Pacific Islander living and working in New Zealand, Australia, the United States or another country, you may send remittances (money transfers) back home. These payments could be for your family to buy essentials or to maintain their standard of living, to pay for accommodation or education, or to help with businesses. It could […]

Coronavirus & You

Right now, safeguarding ourselves, our loved ones, friends and colleagues from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is uppermost in people’s minds, here and around the world. After all, this is an unprecedented situation which warrants unprecedented precautions. Also of great importance, however, is making sure we also remain safe in the virtual world during restrictions on travel, socialising, office […]

Changing wireless passwords/SSIDs

Your wireless router needs a password to let you connect your computers, mobile devices and smart devices over Wi-Fi. Routers frequently come with a password that is common to all of the others provided by your ISP. If this is the case, you should change yours to ensure the router remains secure. You may also […]

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Virtual Private Networks all perform the same basic service: providing end-to-end encryption for any data sent through them. This encryption does not stop your data from being intercepted … but merely means that the person reading the content of your data is faced with unintelligible text.

Misinformation & Fake News

The internet is an invaluable tool for finding useful, authoritative information on anything from news and current affairs to DIY, health to history, celebrities to Coronavirus. However, it is also littered with misleading information: that which has been originated and shared by people who are misinformed about the subject, and that which has been deliberately […]

Replacing Windows 7

If you still run Microsoft Windows 7 on your computer, you need to be aware that Microsoft ceased support for the operating system on January 14th 2020. As a result, no longer issues updates, security patches, bug fixes and Microsoft Security Essentials for the operating system. 


Oversharing information affects far more of us than we might think. Whether you’ve shared a seemingly innocent photo of your friends or family – or unwittingly given away details of your banking or passport details – you could be revealing information that is invaluable to a fraudster or identity thief.