Apple Mac Computers

As the use of Macs increases for both business and personal use, so does the malicious activity directed against them.


Safeguard your password and other login details to prevent unauthorised access to banking.


You may not even know you're part of a botnet

Business Security Planning

Take a systematic approach to security. Start with an effective business security plan.

CEO Impersonation Fraud

Always query irregular payment requests, even from a senior colleague.


Having cyber certification can bring a number of important benefits to any organisation.

Cyber & Information Security Support

Have access to a cyber and information security support specialist.

Cyber Liability Insurance

You may need insurance to cover lost data, viruses, hacking and data breaches.

Data Breaches / Security Incidents

You should have a process for managing and reporting security breaches.

Data Encryption

Confidential data and communications should be encrypted to render it useless if it falls into the wrong hands.

DDoS Attacks

Online attacks which render your website unable to service legitimate requests.


Dispose of computers and mobile devices correctly to avoid information being accessed - even if you thought it was deleted.

Downloading & File Sharing

Ensure that when you download anything from the internet, you are doing so legally.

e Procurement

Ensure good cyber and information security practice and robust systems are in place.

Electronic & Card Payments

Taking and making card payments involves risk, but simple precautions can prevent problems.


A firewall is a barrier between the internet and your computers or network – preventing unauthorised visits to or egress from your systems.


Be aware of the risks in your organisation, and how to identify and prevent fraud.


Hacking of a website or social networking page to cause disruption or make a point on political, social or ethical grounds.

Keeping staff safe when working from home

Protect access from unwanted attention by ensuring it is secure at all times.


Software designed to gain unauthorised access to computers and other connected devices, for a number of illicit reasons.

Mandate Fraud

Don't be duped into changing details for regular payments your business makes

Password Protocol & Control

Use & protection of strong passwords is vital in order to protect security and identity.

Protect Your Website

It is vital to protect your website against attacks from hackers, as well as technical failure.

Protect yourself against email threats

Bogus emails are the most commonplace way for fraudsters to infiltrate your business.


A form of malware that enables criminals to lock your files to hold the business to ransom.

Selling on eBay

Take a number of sensible precautions when selling on eBay

Social Engineering

Social engineering is the route to many types of crime including fraud and identity theft - involving manipulation or deceit.

Supply Chain

Not observing good practice or having robust systems in place could jeopardise the security of organisations up and down the supply chain.

Tax Scams

emails claiming to be from the tax authorities are widespread and convincing.

Tele & Video Conferencing

Keep it closed and confidential.

Using social media at work safely

Social media as a business tool and employees' use of social media.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

The very important difference between company and consumer VPNs

What is your internet policy for staff

Convenience and efficiency is balanced by a degree of risk, which must be minimised with staff policies.


This page deals with the safe setting up and use of office and home Wi-Fi networks.

Windows Server 2003

Microsoft ceased support for Windows Server 2003 & Small Business Server 2003 operating systems in 2015.

Windows XP

Microsoft ceased support for XP in 2014 meaning no updates, patches, fixes or Microsoft Security Essentials.